Why say 'utilise' when you mean use? Why say 'individuals' when you mean people? When you write like a human being, other human beings tend to listen to what you have to say.

The English language is a rich and powerful communication tool -- it saddens me that so much of what I read every day is so dreary and unengaging. Really. This actually makes me sad. I firmly believe that business writing doesn't have to be lifeless. It can be surprising. It can be captivating. It can be playful. It can tell a story. It can even be ... (whisper it) ... beautiful.

I specialise in clear, compelling copy that is free of jargon and filled with charm and sparkle. If you want your copy to read as if it had been written by a real person, so that other people might actually respond to it, you have come to the right place.

 A quick word about SEO

You want Google to see you, and I'll make sure it does.

But once you get that all-important click, I'll also make sure that the person who visits your page pulls up a chair and decides to stick around a while. Keyword stuffing might trick someone into visiting your page for a few seconds, but smart, engaging copy will make them stay.